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Shaylan became interested in fashion at the age of fourteen through a project in eighth grade French class. By the time that he reached high school, that interest had manifested itself into a fiery passion for fashion design, and a desire to make women feel strong, seductive, and beautiful with fiercely feminine designs. 

As an Indian-American designer, Shaylan has developed an aesthetic that merges the vibrancy and ease of traditional Indian clothing with the practicality and sleekness of American sportswear. His collections embody a sophisticated design philosophy of clean lines and directional design, and his innate sense of style can be found within each garment that he creates. 

In addition to organizing and hosting an annual fashion show, another one of Shaylan's current projects is designing adaptive clothing for paraplegic and quadriplegic clients. He has also completed a 3 month internship with critically acclaimed designer Rosie Assoulin and is currently a design intern at Bibhu Mohapatra

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